Graduate Faculty

Graduate faculty can serve as primary advisors and research or thesis committee chairs. Click on the graduate faculty name to view a biography, contact information, or to download a VITA as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file.

Dr. J. Michael Gotcher, Department Chair
Dr. Margaret Duffy
Dr. Christine Rohr (Helsel)
Dr. Patrick Jablonski
Dr. Frank E. Parcells
Dr. Yvonne Prather
Dr. Carmen Reagan
Dr. David von Palko
Associate Professors
Dr. Pamela J. Gray
Assistant Professors
Dr. Rob Baron
Dr. Christina Hicks-Goldston
Dr. James Parker, Graduate Coordinator

Dr. Yuning Zhang

Associate Graduate Faculty

Associate graduate faculty can serve on research project or thesis committees, but cannot serve as primary advisors or committee chairs.

Adjunct Professors        
  Dr. Melony Shemberger