The corporate communication M. A. (CCMA) program has three major parts: [a] the core of required courses (13 semester hours), [b] the research component (either research paper for 3 semester hours or thesis writing for 6 semester hours), and [c] elective courses selected by the student with the mandatory approval of the advisor. All students must complete the Department of Communication Program of Study and Admission to Candidacy form by the end of their first term of graduate study at APSU. Click on the Forms link in the link menu bar for the form.

1. REQUIRED CORE COURSES (13 semester hours of credit)

  • COMM 5001, Proseminar in Communication (1)
  • COMM 5000, Communication Research Methods (3)
  • COMM 5030, Applied Communication Theory (3)
  • COMM 5600, Integrated Corporate Communication (3)
  • COMM 5650, Communication Law (3)

2. RESEARCH COMPONENT (either 3 or 6 semester hours of credit)

  • COMM 5950, Research Project (3) OR
  • COMM 599A, B, Thesis Writing (3, 3)

3. COMMUNICATION ELECTIVES (either 18 or 15 semester hours of credit)

  • Students opting for a research project (COMM 5950 - 3 semester hours) must take 18 semester hours of communication electives.
  • Students writing a thesis (COMM 599A, B - 6 semester hours) must take 15 semester hours of communication electives.
  • Click here or on the Courses link in the link menu to view the Communication graduate courses, their descriptions, and syllabi.